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In 1962, a group of young women made headlines in Greece by running away to join a convent. Each time they were captured and sent back to their families, but they kept trying until they finally succeeded. Uninterested in praying all day, they started a shelter, providing a family for abandoned and abused children. Half a century later, the surviving founders are still running the Lyrio Children's Village without help from church or state, raising infants without a wedding band. This film tells the story of their vision and how they've changed the lives of more than 500 hundred children's so far - simply by taking their fate into their own hands.


July 28th, 2015

156942-sullogos_ellenon_arkhaiologon“MANA” by Valerie Kontakos will screen at the Greek Archaeologists Association garden in collaboration with the Greek Documentary Association on Thursday 30/07 at 9pm. This is the first time our beloved documentary will screen in our hometown and we cherish the opportunity to meet some of you, if you care to drop by. Director Valerie Kontakos will also be on hand for a Q&A session and we hope some of the film’s protagonists will also put in an appearance. The Greek Archaeologists Association is located on 134 Ermou St (the pedestrian section) and in case you’re never heard of them before, you can visit their website here. They have a lovely garden that’s perfect for summer nights and the event will be free of charge.

“Mana” screens as part of on on-going Greek Documentary Association showcase.

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