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In 1962, a group of young women made headlines in Greece by running away to join a convent. Each time they were captured and sent back to their families, but they kept trying until they finally succeeded. Uninterested in praying all day, they started a shelter, providing a family for abandoned and abused children. Half a century later, the surviving founders are still running the Lyrio Children's Village without help from church or state, raising infants without a wedding band. This film tells the story of their vision and how they've changed the lives of more than 500 hundred children's so far - simply by taking their fate into their own hands.


April 19th, 2016


Oh my, it’s been a while, huh? Well, here we are again and boy, do we have good news for you! If you’re in Athens, you can come meet us at the Athens Technopolis on Friday, April 22, as Mana will be screening at 7:45pm sharp! Valerie will be on hand for a Q&A session, so go ahead and ask her whatever you want! The film screens as part of a tribute to Greek cinema, called “Eyes Wide Open” running April 21-24. You can find the full line-up HERE The event is co-organised by our very own Exile Room and it includes a short tribute to Syrian documentary, as well as a very handy workshop on short-form docs, exclusively focused on immigrant documentaries. Filmmakers Tala Derki (Return to Homs) and Amer Matar (co-founder of the Syrian Mobile Phone Festival) will lead the discussion on how to create an online platform that will communicate the immigrant experience in Greece, right here and right now, and you simply can’t afford to miss it. You can sign up for the workshop HERE

Last but not least, Mana will be available on Vimeo on Demand soon, so check back here for more good news. See you at Technopolis!

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