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In 1962, a group of young women made headlines in Greece by running away to join a convent. Each time they were captured and sent back to their families, but they kept trying until they finally succeeded. Uninterested in praying all day, they started a shelter, providing a family for abandoned and abused children. Half a century later, the surviving founders are still running the Lyrio Children's Village without help from church or state, raising infants without a wedding band. This film tells the story of their vision and how they've changed the lives of more than 500 hundred children's so far - simply by taking their fate into their own hands.


October 20th, 2016


For those if you who followed our Mana progress religiously, you will probably remember we had a Mana shop when the website first got started. For a while there we had to do without, while the DVDs where in production and the film was being processed for a Vimeo on Demand slot, but we’re back with a vengeance! The one and only Mana retail spot offers different formats of the film, a large print of our beloved poster to make your walls and better place and the beautiful T-shirts visual artist Mark Hadjipateras designed especially for for our Kickstarter campaign. You can have your choice of three colours, the universally liked grey, a bubblegum pink for all the girls out there and a sky-blue that’s perfect for both boys and girls who subscribe to vibrant colours.

In case you’re not a long-time follower, let us refresh your memory: the T-shirts were screen-printed by hand by some very special gentlemen who like to go by the name This Heart is a Pipe Bomb. Our former interns Eftychia, from Greece, and Elisabet, from Spain, made a day out of it and came back with many hilarious stories to tell! Check out the photos and visit the Mana Shop on the corresponding tab.

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