So it’s official, we’re funded and we’re done! But don’t worry, our Facebook and Twitter accounts will still stay alive with updates, behind-the-scenes insight and daily anecdotes from the Exile Films office. We are extremely grateful to everyone who helped make our dreams come true and we have just released a detailed report of everything we’ve learned through crowdfunding and every single thing that went wrong. Click for here some hard-earned kickstarter wisdom.


  • $46.117 of our $45.000 goal (102% funded)
  • 139 backers
  • 2.258 Kickstarter video plays
  • 1.616 Kickstarter page likes
  • 620 Facebook page likes
  • 324 Tweets, 256 Twitter followers
  • 10.624 newsletter mail-outs
  • 1 live presentation (lame, we know!)

If you want to check out our campaign, it’s still up on Kickstarter right here.

See you soon!