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Guess what? After, uuum, almost 4 years of hard work, “Mana” is finally hitting Greek theaters for everyone to enjoy on the big screen. Yup, we feel very lucky Valerie’s documentary is receiving a limited domestic release at the Greek Film Archive‘s boutique movie theater on Iera Odos (also known as “Lais”), despite the fact that local box office has been at an all-time low ever since last year. Nevertheless, we remain optimistic, as “Mana” isn’t the sort of thing you’d normally see at your neighborhood movie theater and it might just be what the doctor ordered. Four strong women bending the world to their will – is there anything more empowering than that? The Lyrio Children’s Village is a refuge that was born out of adversity and continues to function against all odds. So tell all your friends and family about it and don’t forget to bring your kids along! “Mana” will be screening twice daily starting October 8 at “Lais” – Greek Film Archive (48, Iera Odos & 134-136 Megalou Alexandrou Str. Metro Stop Keramikos) for a full week. We will be sharing all the preparations leading up to our official premiere, like plastering the entire city with posters, pestering our graphic designers Roleplay for some last minute additions to the artwork and more. We’ll also post pictures of the opening gala on October 7 (by invitation only), as well as ad-hoc Q&As throughout the week, whenever Valerie feels like dropping by the theater and getting to know her audience. Stick around, it’ll be fun!