MANA 4 Hurray, our Mana blog is finally up and running! We are thrilled to announce that three years of production and one successful Kickstarter campaign later, “Mana” is ready to see the light of day! Some of our backers have already watched the film (a digital download was part of the perks), but the rest of the world is still holding its breath. We think! Well, no need to torture yourselves any more, “Mana” will be receiving its world premiere at the Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival, taking place in Greece March 11-22! Director Valerie Kontakos, producer Despina Pavlaki and a few other members from our cast and crew will be there to answer questions and launch the production into the festival circuit. After Thessaloniki, the sky’s the limit! Watch this space for additional venues and dates as “Mana” rolls out, but for the time being, you can watch the film on the following dates:

  • THURSDAY 19/3 at 20:45 @ Pavlos Zannas movie theater
  • SATURDAY 21/3 at 17:30 @ Tonia Marketaki movie theater

Valerie will also be giving a joint press conference with other Greek filmmakers at IANOS bookstore (Aristotelous Square 7) on Friday 20/3 at 13:00. Come say hello!