No 873705It’s official, Mana is out there! As of now, our beloved documentary is one step closer to the world – and that means you too. Here’s how it works: first we’ll be submitting the film to as many festivals as is humanly possible, then we’re planning a limited local theatrical run – either with a specialty distributor or a possible self-release – and then our co-producer OTEtv will broadcast the film on Greek television. After we’re done with these commitments – probably sometime after the summer – we’ll be reaching out to all of you to schedule community screenings all over the world. We’ll also be selling the Mana DVD with its beautiful artwork on our website (shop to be updated in the next few months), as well as offering pay per view options for anyone who’d like to see it. If you’d like to discuss a screening in your country, whether at a film club, an association, a local festival or even your church, please don’t hesitate to contact us! We promise to get back to you ASAP!